Brandon working on his art (this is Ezekial's brother)

Someone is praying. And we are grateful! Today was our best day at the school.  The school grounds were mayhem with the concrete project continuing and all students back. The strike is still on but today and tomorrow school is a governement requirement. Beyond that, Ana, and the teachers have arranged a special schedule for us to teach. We are concentraing on grades 4-6th as these youth can read & write. 

We were in Kristina’s class today – 5th graders.  She is an excellent teacher and her students were as full of hopes and dreams as you could ever want.  We began with that – their hopes for their lives, the community and their families. We are teaching with much interaction so it was great to hear their thoughts.  Our primary scripture connections for the sessons right now are:  Genesis 1 & 2 – how humans were created; I Samuel 2:30 with the story of Samuel being shared and focus on this verse that God will honor those who honor God; and Matthew 5:13-16 – what it means to be salt of the earth and light of the world. 

Allicia and her amiga during a break


This class of 26 students only has 7 girls and as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t know if anything is more powerful than the “example” of this completely unexpected team: A Guatemalan man and a female American pastora.  Just like God to pull together a team like this.  It works.  We are strange enough to capture their curiosity. 

Our afternoon was spent with Felix and his church leaders.  We went over the Life Journal spiritual practice of reading and application – but done all verbal with focus on gaining lessons to share with others who do not read or write.  It was wonderful to be with them. They were also eager to learn and showed us much hospitality.  We were invited to return on Thursday to teach more and Felix says he’ll bring in a white board:) Everyone is catching on to the visual and interactive way of engaging people using two different languages.

Kristina's 5th Grade Class

Hanniah, a teacher from the school is picking us up tonight to attend a worship service at her church.  I’m glad to have a moment to write as I expect it will be a late night. We have an early teaching time in the morning.  What we are doing right now is spending a long period of time with the classes that want to learn. So today, for example, we stayed with one class. It gave us enough time to listen, teach and then give them an opportunity to express their learning in art.  This works very well for students who are ready to learn.  The hope is that they will learn how to use the Bible in a way that connects with their lives.

There are times in your life that you can actually feel the prayers of faithful people. I feel those prayers.  And they are prayers that are changing each experience for God’s glory.  My spirit is full of peace.  I am thankful.

For "expressions" of the scripture we have the children do art. Chester creates his own art on the board so they can see an expression. The students were able to choose one of the 4 scriptures to "express" in art.

6 thoughts on “Thankful

  • Amazing to hear how God is working out every detail…. to the good of all. Sounds like you are getting lots of opportunity to really ‘be with’ the people. Yes, someone(s) are praying! God bless as you continue to listen and follow. Love you.

  • I LOVE getting to see the pictures of the children and the “white board” which helps carry the message. How exciting it is to see it all unfold! I love you and I am praying for you!


  • We meet with the Primetimers tonight and I know they will enjoy hearing about our trip and seeing what is going on with your trip. Loved the white board pictures! I have taken them off the blog and we will show them tonight, along with our other pictures. Thanks for being so faithful in blogging. Yes, you are right prayers for your mission are very strong in our community!

  • Fortunately, I met with Denny Rudolph this morning and he shared your blog site with me. I am so blessed to be aware of all that God is putting before you. You have been in my thoughts and prayers continually. I feel that I am with you on this journey.
    I have another meeting tonight and will miss the Primetimers.
    Blessings and love to Chester and Adolpho.

    • Patricia,
      Thank you for your prayers! Many of the girls have asked about you:) Chester and Adolfo send their greetings. Thank you for reading the blog and following the journey! It gives me much joy and encouragment.


      • I have heard many comments about the presentation to the Primetimers. I know the team represented must have done a great job and presentation. I had several people comment tonight at WNL. Evidently, according to BJ, some of the art was taken and many asked when it would be presented.
        I am so with you on this journey. Please share with the teachers our plans to present the art and other items at the Sept 17 Celebration of Nations. I think they will be please.
        Blessings and safe travels.

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