Bible School begins….

Children in the school yard as we arrived today

Every day has its own expression of God’s blessings and were we each to ask one another, each of us would have a different moment to celebrate. At the dental clinic yesterday it would have been the joy of 31 patients who received dental care.  That included 53 extractions and 8 fillings! Yikes! The dental clinic rocked the house!

Today we entered the classrooms and were given an opportunity our team has never been given:  permission to do VBS

Hard work!

for 6 days, about 120 children/day AND a special request to teach about the faith.  The children were highlights of this day as they sang, learned a prayer and were given Romans 10:9 as a verse to hold.  Sarah’s amazing creative gifts delighted the children as the story of the Lost Sheep from the gospel of Matthew came to life. 

The delight of being one of God's sheep!


The trusses went up and the construction team worked so hard today in very hot conditions.  A lot holding, waiting, and placing of the framework so the roof can happen.  We have great workers on our team in every respect…willing souls whether drilling or singing with hand motions (Sarah is leading, remember) and joyful all the way.  Thomas fed us well tonight and survived a market fight breakout between two women. He wasn’t sure what it was about but it evolved into flying vegetables and fruits so Aldofo said, “time to go!”  All in a days work….right?

Latin American mud pies with sweet girls!

Please continue to pray that we will be faithful to the opportunities the Lord is giving us here. Pray for safety, health and teachable spirits…ours as much as every child and adult of Guatemala we meet.  We are humbled and blessed to be here.  We are receiving messages of prayer on facebook and here.  We can’t thank you enough.  There is very little time to type and do pictures so but your messages mean a lot and we appreciate them!  All is well.

One of God's sheep!The Good Shepherd looking for the lost sheep! It was very fun when he found him...required singing and shouting, of course!
So proud of their craft which displayed the Good Shepherd finding his sheep
Chester, our interpreter is the reason we were able to teach the children a prayer today, along with Romans 10:9. God provides and we are humbled and blessed!

7 thoughts on “Bible School begins….

  • We missed getting to hear Tom’s voice tonight and to hear about all that is going on. Thank you so much for blessing us with all the goings on – and sounds like a fight that happens here when you get between one of my boys and some food item they want LOL!! Praying for you all! Miss you Sister. The kids lvoe the prayer envelopa nd prayed so sweetly for Mr. John tonight! Love those! Send our love to all and especially Tom 🙂

    Love you! Angela and Kids

  • It makes me so happy to hear of the joy in every day – who needs words.
    Praying for the extraordinary power of the Holy Spirit to multiply even more the amazing gifts and talents presented by your team.
    And Calvin is a mystery here, why not there, lol, bet he is glorying in it all.
    Tomorrow is Thursday and I miss you already.

  • Thank you, Vona!! I love the pictures of those sweet sheep…the same sheep heads we use here!! I sent you an email of the choir kids singing tonight…maybe you can show the video to our Guatemalan brothers and sisters.
    Thank you for your sweet pictures and words. They are inspiring and refreshing all these miles away. Blessings to you as you work with the youth tomorrow! Love, Natalie

    • Natalie, thank you for these great words. I read this while we were there but had limited time for responding. The prayers and love from the church were so helpful to our daily work. Thanks for staying connected!

  • Thank you so much for doing this blog!! It is wonderful – makes me feel like I am a part of things. What great things you all are doing. I get so excited reading about it all. God is sooo good! Miss you all.



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