Sunday in Mazatenango

Sarah & Calvin

We had a great day.  Sarah McGinley had us practicing music early in the day so we could sing for the congregation this afternoon.  Calvin, Russell, Woody and Howard took leading roles and we prepared “Deep, Deep oh Deep Deep Down” in Spanish and English.

Worship was wonderful.  This church was built by the VIM (Volunteers in Mission) team several years ago. A parsonage was added a bit later and a school just across the street.  The church is beautiful and filled with children. 


Pastor Manuel was delighted to see us and greeted the former team with hugs, gifts and even a few tears.  Some of our team members have been coming here for years so today was a reunion for them. Children have grown up, teenagers have become young adults and everyone remembers the team by name..Howard, Jeanne, Sarah, B.J., John, Robin….and on and on.  

Jeanne reunited with a friend
Fountain of Life Church, Methodisto

Manuel preached on II Timothy 4:6-8 with this core message being about living a testimony of Christ that will last forever.  We sang many songs with the congregation and then sang for them.  After the sermon, group after group came before the church, said a few words and then performed a song. It was a beautiful expression and reminded me of the part of worship at 61st Ave UMC when Pastor Paul asks if anyone wants to share anything in response to the message. Those responses are ususally spoken words. Here…those responses are songs. 

reunion of friends: Howard, Jeanne, friend, Robin

The children….Josephena, Lethticia, Carrdero, Cyndee…too many names to mention. Diane Little danced and ran with the girls…so fun! 

Diane running with the children. Joy!

We walked across the street and looked at the school this team built in 2004. It looked fantastic.  School rooms equipped with typewriters, computers, sectional tables and a brick oven in their kitchen.

School built by VIM Team in 2004

Lunches have been made for tomorrow. Breakfast at 6am, leave out at 7:30am.  We have two roofs to put on this week and vacation bible school for hundreds of children.  We’ll see how it all sorts out by day’s end.  For now – we’re tired and ready for sleep. Peaceful and thankful.

3 thoughts on “Sunday in Mazatenango

  • Ms. Vona,
    I love all the pics you posted. I loved the picture Mama showed me on facebook of you and the kids. I hope you will have fun tomorrow. Be safe and tell Pop to make you a good breakfast! 🙂

    • Hi Abigail,
      Thank you so much for posting a response! Your Pop has been working hard in the kitchen and we need everything he cooks! Tonight it was chicken & rice soup with roasted potatoes, salad and blackberry sauce over Gautemalan Almond cake. Yummy…all of it! Enjoy the pictures on facebook. Thank you for your prayers!

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