Changed Perspectives

Date:                     February 19, 2011

Title:                     Changed Perspectives

 Scripture             Acts 26:6-7

And now I stand here on trial on account of my hope in the promise made by God to our ancestors, a promise that our twelve tribes hope to attain as they earnestly worship day and night. It is for this hope your Excellency, that I am being accused by the Jews.


Paul is persecuting Christians one day and standing before Agrippa defending his hope in Christ on another day. God changes our perspectives.


Something about Paul’s story of conversion gnaws at me today.  Confident, secure and determined be knew what was “right”, he acted out of rage (26:11) to condemn others. It reminds me how easy it is to draw conclusions about others as if what we see is all there is to see.  And it so humbling to see how dramatically our perspectives change once we have an encounter with Christ.  On any given day, the Spirit may show me something that completely changes my heart, my actions and my life.  I’m at the airport with a team of people on our way to Guatemala.  Seems like a good lesson to begin the journey.


Father, thank you for reminding me not to hold so tightly to my perspectives or expectations.  Help me to just hold on to you and enjoy the adventure of following. Thank you for the gift of other cultures and perspectives.  It shows me so much more of You.


The days ahead in Guatemala will reveal God’s purposes, not mine.

2 thoughts on “Changed Perspectives

  • I relate to your fear of the deep end = especially since I still cant swim but I learned to do enough to maintain afloat. God does the rest. Ahhhh, if I could have only learned to see and know that truth at the same swimming pool that brought us both much fear and insecurity. I never could swim with my cousins who could dive with grace and play Marko Polo .

    My perspective of swimming and life is different now. It keeps softening thankfully as I accept more of Christ’s love. HE is my flotation device that never fails. I so love you sharing your Salt Rock. I can taste the anticipation of this mission trip in your willingness to dive in and know WHO will catch you . What a blessing this blog has already been to me sweet soul that I adore

    • Thank you for sharing your swim story Ange! When I read the “cousins playing Marko Polo” I was immediately back in the pool in Murray and I could hear the voices of Steve, Karen, Mark….what fun! Thanks for following along. Much love to you and your Colorado household!

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